Czech Ukrainian Translation

Czech Ukrainian Translation

The Czech language is the native language of the Czechs. It is one of the Slavic languages. It refers to the West Slavic group and has very close ties with the Slovak language

Together they merge into a Czech-Slovak subgroup. It is widely used in the Czech Republic; small groups of Czech speakers also live in Slovakia, Austria, Russia, and Croatia, as well as in several countries in Western Europe, in the USA, Canada, Argentina, Australia and other countries.

The Czech is the official language of the Czech Republic (úřední jazyk) and one of the 24 official languages ​​of the European Union (since 2004). In a number of countries in Central and Eastern Europe, in which Czechs are generally settled compactly (Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia and Slovakia), the Czech language has the prospects of obtaining the status of a regional language.

The total number of speakers of the Czech language in the world exceeds 10.62 million people, of which 10.40 million people reside in the Czech Republic (2012). The principal territory of use of the Czech language is the Czech Republic. According to the 2011 census, out of 10.44 million Czechs, 9.26 million have indicated the Czech as their native language, of which Czechs – 6,593.238, Moravians – 429.634, Slovaks – 14.736, Silesians – 10.762, Germans – 4.710.

Some Czech words are found in Latin and German literary works starting from the end of X century. However, whole literary masterpieces in the Czech language are known only from the second half of the 13th century. The adoption of Christianity contributed to the borrowing of a large number of Greek and Latin religious terms, which often came from Germany.

Unona Translation Service has a tendency of employing only experience, certified and professional translators, who posses a knack for analyzing a structure of a phrase or a sentence originally written in Czech and subsequently rearrange them into a proper Ukrainian form.

How you will benefit from our service:

Professional management of every project

Expertise and experience

University educated linguists with 3+ years of experience

On time delivery

Strict commitment to project schedule

Outstanding customer support

Swift response and professionally structured communication

Free client portal

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Competitive pricing

Deal directly with a Ukrainian translation service

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Corrections are free within ten days of project completion

Convenient payment options

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Cost of Czech into Ukrainian translation service

Document translation (birth certificates, marriage certificates, passports, etc.)

250 uah.

Text translation**

1 uah. per word
from 1.6 uah. per word

Proofreading by a Ukrainian native speaking translator

0.5 uah. per word
from 0.8 uah. per word

Notary public certification

150 uah.
150 uah.

Consecutive interpreting***

400 uah. per hour
from 640 uah. per hour

Skype interpreting

360 uah. per hour
from 580 uah. per hour


*Advanced complexity text: requires domain-specific knowledge (technical, IT, medical, marketing, website localization, etc.)

**Minimum order:  150 uah. for text translation and 2 hours for interpreting

Standard timeframe for a document translation: 2 working days

Surcharge for urgent translation:  +50% (within a working day) and +100% (within 2 hours)

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