Italian Ukrainian Translation

Italian Ukrainian Translation

The Italian language is the official language of Italy, the Vatican (along with Latin), San Marino and Switzerland (along with German, French and Romansh). It also recognized as the second official language in several districts of Croatia and Slovenia.

The Italian language itself goes back to the popular Latin, spread in the territory of Italy. In the Middle Ages, when Italy was politically disunited, there was no common literary language, although written manuscripts of various dialects were preserved. Since the Renaissance, the most prestigious dialect of Tuscany, or rather Florence is taking the leading role. The Italian language uses the Latin alphabet.

In Italy, about 55 million people speak Italian. These include those who know two languages ​​(Italian and regional dialect), as well as those for whom the Italian has become a second language. In other countries of the world live about 65 million people who speak Italian. Apart from Italy, Italian is spoken in more than 30 countries of the world.

In Italy, there are a lot of different dialects, and the likelihood that the inhabitants of two different regions, native speakers of the “same” language, will not be able to understand each other is highly probable. Moreover, only about 30% of the country’s residents are fluent in classical Italian.

Nowadays, the Italian language is steadily becoming one of the five most popular languages ​​for learning in the world.

Compared to other European languages, the Italian alphabet is the shortest one as it contains only twenty-six letters, five of which are used exclusively for interconnection of the words borrowed from other languages.

Unona Translation Service is committed to meeting your high-priority deadlines for meticulous translation of different types of materials into/from Italian. Here, we do not make any difference whether you are a high-profile representative of a big company with a large-volume order or an individual who requires a certified document translated for personal use. Unona Translation Service Service is ready to offer you a wide range of translation services that are solely concentrating on quality assurance.

How you will benefit from our service:

Professional management of every project

Expertise and experience

University educated linguists with 3+ years of experience

On time delivery

Strict commitment to project schedule

Outstanding customer support

Swift response and professionally structured communication

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100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Corrections are free within ten days of project completion

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Cost of Italian into Ukrainian translation service

Document translation (birth certificates, marriage certificates, passports, etc.)

250 uah.

Text translation**

1 uah. per word
from 1.6 uah. per word

Proofreading by a Ukrainian native speaking translator

0.5 uah. per word
from 0.8 uah. per word

Notary public certification

150 uah.
150 uah.

Consecutive interpreting***

400 uah. per hour
from 640 uah. per hour

Skype interpreting

360 uah. per hour
from 580 uah. per hour


*Advanced complexity text: requires domain-specific knowledge (technical, IT, medical, marketing, website localization, etc.)

**Minimum order:  150 uah. for text translation and 2 hours for interpreting

Standard timeframe for a document translation: 2 working days

Surcharge for urgent translation:  +50% (within a working day) and +100% (within 2 hours)

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