Portuguese Ukrainian Translation

Portuguese Ukrainian Translation

The Portuguese language is the language of the Romance group of the Indo-European family of languages, the Ibero-Romance subgroup. It has developed from the medieval Galician-Portuguese language. Writing is based on the Latin alphabet. It is the second most used Romantic language after the closely related Spanish and one of the most widely spoken languages of the world (6-8 places).

The Portuguese is the official language of Portugal, Brazil, Angola, Mozambique, Cape Verde, Guinea-Bissau, Sao Tome and Principe, East Timor and Macau. About 80% of all contemporary speakers of the Portuguese language now reside in the Federal Republic of Brazil.

There are two main universally recognized versions of Portuguese, European Portuguese (pt-pt, pt-eu) and Brazilian.

Being of Roman origin, Portuguese has much in common with other Romance languages. The Portuguese is most closely connected with the modern Galician language, to which it owes its origin.

Do you urgently need a Portuguese interpreter for an important business meeting? Do you need to translate and notarize the documents of your commercial partners from Portugal? Are you going to visit Portugal and you promptly need to translate the documents to make it feasible?

Then Unona Translation Service is the right place to address all your needs. We will perform all services for you, guaranteeing the quality and timeliness of the translation services.

The seal of our translation agency certifies the final version of the translation. All you need to do is to fill out the form below and provide us with brief instructions. Within 30 minutes our certified translators will evaluate your request and you will be promptly informed of the optimal solutions for your query.

How you will benefit from our service:

Professional management of every project

Expertise and experience

University educated linguists with 3+ years of experience

On time delivery

Strict commitment to project schedule

Outstanding customer support

Swift response and professionally structured communication

Free client portal

Proposals, projects, and invoices: all in one place

Competitive pricing

Deal directly with a Ukrainian translation service

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Corrections are free within ten days of project completion

Convenient payment options

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Cost of Portuguese into Ukrainian translation service

Document translation (birth certificates, marriage certificates, passports, etc.)

250 uah.

Text translation**

1 uah. per word
from 1.6 uah. per word

Proofreading by a Ukrainian native speaking translator

0.5 uah. per word
from 0.8 uah. per word

Notary public certification

150 uah.
150 uah.

Consecutive interpreting***

400 uah. per hour
from 640 uah. per hour

Skype interpreting

360 uah. per hour
from 580 uah. per hour


*Advanced complexity text: requires domain-specific knowledge (technical, IT, medical, marketing, website localization, etc.)

**Minimum order:  150 uah. for text translation and 2 hours for interpreting

Standard timeframe for a document translation: 2 working days

Surcharge for urgent translation:  +50% (within a working day) and +100% (within 2 hours)

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