Russian Translation

Russian Translation


Russian is the official language of the Russian Federation, one of the two official languages ​​of Belarus, one of the official languages ​​of Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and some other countries, the main language of international communication in Central Eurasia, Eastern Europe, the countries of the former Soviet Union, one of the six UN working languages, UNESCO and other international organizations. The number of those who speak fluent Russian in the Russian Federation is approximately 137.5 million people and about 260 million people speak Russian worldwide.

The Russian language is used not only in those states in which it has an official status. It is relatively widespread in many other countries of the world. As one of the developed world languages, Russian is used in various spheres of international communication. In particular, it serves as a “science language”, as a tool of communication between scientists from different countries and as an instrument of coding and storing universal knowledge of the mankind.

High-quality Russian translation is one of the specializations of Unona Translation Service. The availability of full-time translators, who specialize in various subjects, their skills for optimization of the work processes and quality control procedures let us provide you with translation services of the highest quality and at very reasonable price.

If you need to translate your documentation into/from Russian from/into more than 35 languages, go no further. Unona Translate Service is your final destination.


How you will benefit from our service:

Professional management of every project

Expertise and experience

University educated linguists with 3+ years of experience

On time delivery

Strict commitment to project schedule

Outstanding customer support

Swift response and professionally structured communication

Free client portal

Proposals, projects, and invoices: all in one place

Competitive pricing

Deal directly with a Ukrainian translation service

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Corrections are free within ten days of project completion

Convenient payment options

Credit Card

Cost of Russian into Ukrainian translation service

Text translation

$0.06 per word
$0.10 per word
$0.14 per word

Proofreading by a Russian native speaking translator

$0.3 per word
$0.5 per word
$0.07 per word

Consecutive interpreting

$35 per hour
$70 per hour
$100 per hour

Skype interpreting

$35 per hour
$70 per hour
$100 per hour


*Basic complexity text: does not require domain-specific knowledge (correspondence, etc.)

*Medium complexity text: requires domain-specific knowledge (contracts, statutory documents, reports, business plans, tender documentation, websites etc.)

*Hard complexity text: requires specialized domain-specific knowledge (patents, scientific articles, clinical trial protocols, scientific presentations, etc.)

Minimum order:  $20 for text translation and 2 hours for interpreting

Standard turnaround:  6 000 – 10 000 words/day

Surcharge for urgent translation:  +50% (within a working day) and +100% (within 2 hours)

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