Turkish Ukrainian Translation

Turkish Ukrainian Translation

The Turkish language is the official language of Turkey, it is related to the Turkic branch of the hypothetical Altaic family of languages.


The Turkish language in Turkey is native to 60 million people, or for almost 80% of the country’s population. 177 thousand people in Cyprus and about 128 thousand in Greece as their native language consider Turkish language as well. It is also native to the Meskhetian Turks in former soviet republics.


There are many dialects in the Turkish language. However, the basis of the Turkish literary language today is considered the Istanbul dialect.


Rich and diverse cultural, historical and geographical ties unite Ukraine and Turkey. Turkey is one of the first countries in the world to recognize the sovereignty of Ukraine.

The Turkish Embassy is located in Kyiv, and the General Consulate in Odessa. The Ukrainian Embassy is situated in Ankara, and the Ukrainian Consulate General is in Istanbul.


In 2010, the Turkish Prime Minister and the President of Ukraine approved the creation of a free trade zone between the two states.


Thanks to this constant and close cooperation, there will always be a need to translate from Turkish into Ukrainian / Russian, and vice versa.


Unona Translation Service provides high quality translation services that involve native Turkish speakers and will be glad to help you with the preparation of different types of documents and their subsequent certification and notarization. Your translations will be processed correctly, accurately and in a timely manner.

How you will benefit from our service:

Professional management of every project

Expertise and experience

University educated linguists with 3+ years of experience

On time delivery

Strict commitment to project schedule

Outstanding customer support

Swift response and professionally structured communication

Free client portal

Proposals, projects, and invoices: all in one place

Competitive pricing

Deal directly with a Ukrainian translation service

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Corrections are free within ten days of project completion

Convenient payment options

Credit Card

Cost of Turkish into Ukrainian translation service

Document translation (birth certificates, marriage certificates, passports, etc.)

250 uah.

Text translation**

1 uah. per word
from 1.6 uah. per word

Proofreading by a Ukrainian native speaking translator

0.5 uah. per word
from 0.8 uah. per word

Notary public certification

150 uah.
150 uah.

Consecutive interpreting***

800 uah. per hour
from 1300 uah. per hour

Skype interpreting

800 uah. per hour
from 1300 uah. per hour


*Advanced complexity text: requires domain-specific knowledge (technical, IT, medical, marketing, website localization, etc.)

**Minimum order for text translation:  150 uah.

***Minimum order for interpreting:  2 hours

Standard timeframe for a document translation: 2 working days

Surcharge for urgent translation:  +50% (within a working day) and +100% (within 2 hours)


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