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Information Technology Industry Translation Services

Information Technology (IT) translation is rightfully considered to be one of the most sophisticated areas in the field of the translation practices. Technology is defined by pioneering innovative developments and human incessant creativity. You can hardly imagine your life without mobile phones, computers, internet, software applications and many other tech gadgets and tools.

Unona Translation Service is here at your disposal to ensure that your IT company or info-tech start-up will be expanding at a rapid pace not only in Ukraine but also globally. Our translators have a substantial experience in translating into Ukrainian language the texts, textbooks, publications and technical documentations intensely pertinent to computer storage, retrieval, transmittal and manipulation of information and data in the context of business from over 35 different languages.

The specialists at Unona Translation Service are extremely sensitive in perception of your business and technological needs and ready to demonstrate discerning enthusiasm while preforming translations in the following fields of IT industry:

  • IT textbooks and brochures;
  • technical instruction manuals
  • technical specifications;
  • spreadsheet, accounting, media player, web browser applications;
  • operating system and industrial automation software;
  • educational and enterprise software;
  • translation of texts related to telecommunication services;
  • data center services translation;
  • providing translation to training technical services.

Unona Translation Service provides customized solutions that are cost effective and productively applicable within the framework of the needs of the Ukrainian market to guarantee your business long-expected swift turnaround changes.

Our translation service includes:
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