Legal translation

Legal translation

The law itself is closely intertwined with the social culture and political system of the nation that means that legal translation is not always linguistically transparent in the international sense.

The translators at Unona translation service are totally conscious that even a miscellaneous mistake inadvertently made while translating a legal instrument could cause significant financial losses or even lead to a lawsuit. Hence, the process of legal translation implies the involvement of legal specialists who used to practice law for a lengthy period of time and possess a profound knowledge of legal terminology. Our legal translators at Unona translation service are not only proficient in correct construing of various legal terminology and judicial interpretations, but also are competent in proper applying of cultural peculiarities to avoid lexical gaps.    

Most practices of legal writing, and contracts especially, seek to institute clearly expressed rights and obligations for certain parties and entities. It is crucial to guarantee accurate correspondence of these rights and obligations in the original text and in the translated version.

Unona translation service employs highly qualified translators, as well as closely cooperating with a group of experienced attorneys in order to provide our clientele with impeccable quality in translation of: 

  •      articles of incorporation;
  •     power of attorney;
  •     wills, trusts;
  •     notarized documentation of any kind;
  •     apostilles;
  •     contracts;
  •     legal proclamations and statements;
  •     licenses and diplomas;
  •     immigration and visa applications;
  •     loan, lease and sale agreements;
  •     promissory notes;
  •     invoice forms;
  •     business plans.

In the light of the dynamic integration of Ukraine into the European Union, our clients can count on us in their business and legal endeavors and be sure that our services are coupled with high international assessment standards. 

Our translation service includes:
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