Ukrainian Literary Translation

Ukrainian Literary Translation

Reading is certainly enjoyable. However, occasionally the masterpiece of your favorite author that was originally written in prose or created as a poetic composition is semantically distorted and this flaw prevents you from fully comprehending the original meaning of the text. Frequently, it may also only exist solely in its original version, hence making it impossible for you to quench your thirst for knowledge.


The literary translation is a bridge that fosters the emotional bonds between different cultures and nations and brings distinguishing segments of mankind closer to each other. All we know as human beings is predominantly due to our ability to grasp something from books that came to us through time and distances.


Unona Translation Service is a team that is comprised of professional translators and linguistic specialists, whose abilities to provide you with highly professional services of translating literary texts into Ukrainian from different languages were tested by more than five years of experience in the international market of literary translation services. We are ready to become your indispensable partner in connection to everything that is related to the field of literary translation, interpretation and beyond. We fully understand that if literary translation is set for perfectionism as an ingenious process, it is a must for a translator to be exceptionally proficient both in the target language and the source language.


Here at Unona Translation Service we are dedicated to providing outstanding literary translation services into Ukrainian and Russian lest a reader be deprived of possibility to miss the depth of reflective thoughts of the author, his strivings and his original intention.


We guarantee that the translation into Ukrainian is to be done in a timely manner, will be reasonably priced, should include linguistic peculiarities of the original transcript and will contain the quality that is common among the best translation experts.


We offer the following services in the field of the literary translation. Translation into Ukrainian and Russian from a variety of other languages:

• Literary Works;

• Poems;

• Guidebooks;

• Travelling Tours and Excursions:

• Letters;

• Literary Hubs and Websites;

• New Lines.

Unona Translation Service employs a team of epistolary whizzes that include project managers, highly qualified translators, editors with extensive experience in literary translations into Ukrainian and who are willing to help you out with all your translation needs.

Our translation service includes:
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