Medical Translation

Medical translation into Ukrainian

Almost all countries throughout the world demand that specialized medical literature, clinical studies, and all labeling related to medical devices and pharmaceuticals intended for sale are to be translated into the national language. Ukraine has the same requirements.

Unona Translation Service provides medical translations into Ukrainian from more than 30 foreign languages followed as required by consular legalization, apostille certification and notarization.

Medical translations require precision, multiple-step quality control, and current technical knowledge. Our team of medical translators is not only fluent in foreign languages, but is also experienced in translating medical documents in a variety of medical fields. We recognize the fact that your health or even your life can depend upon the accuracy of the translation. Therefore, only those translators with a background in medicine and 2+ years of experience in medical translations are allowed to perform medical translation services.

We provide highly qualified translating services for the following types of documentation:

  • Case report forms;
  • Clinical trial documentation;
  • Contracts;
  • Instructions for use (IFU);
  • Marketing collateral;
  • Medical equipment manuals;
  • Medical licenses;
  • Medical questionnaires;
  • Medical corporate websites and portals;
  • Prescriptions;
  • Clinical research texts.

At Unona Translation Service we are confident that your needs will be met with appropriate professionalism, as our translators are being advised by a group of doctors whose international experience made them highly considered specialists in the field of medicine worldwide.

Our translation service includes:
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