Technical translation

Technical translation

Technical translation is a category of specific translation that involves the translation of documentation generated by technical authors (user guides, owner’s manuals etc.), or more precisely, texts, which are pertinent to technological subject fields or literatures, that transacts with the practical use of technological and scientific data and information.

While the existence of specific terms is a characteristic trait of mechanical or technical texts, the presence of technical vocabulary alone is not enough for classifying writing as “technical” as various subjects and disciplines that are relevant to “technical” areas contain information that could be considered as specialized terminology.

Technical translation caps the translation of numerous types of technically specialized texts and necessitates a high level of matter comprehension, as well as the mastery of the applicable use of pertinent terminology and making linguistic appropriate concessions.

The significance of coherent use of terminology in the process of technical translation, for instance in the field of granting the exclusive rights to an inventor, as well as in the extremely formulaic and recurring types of technical texts makes an expert-human-assisted translation principally an indispensable requisite.


Documents we translate


  • Safety and liability instructions;
  • Assistance for purchase and sale of agricultural and industrial equipment transactions;
  • Shipping and assembly instructions and manuals;
  • Setup and installation instruction;
  • Manuals translation;
  • Troubleshooting and maintenance textbooks translation;
  • Warranty information and regulatory codes translation;
  • Scientific thesis papers, Ph.D. thesis papers and Doctoral dissertations;
  • AutoCad drawings.




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